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Just a Few Weeks Away!

Just a Few Weeks Away!

In a few short weeks, Critical Sheep will have a booth at Maker Faire Milwaukee!


How great is this! Critical Sheep’s first foray into the real world and it’s going to be so much fun!

So what are we doing to prepare you ask?


  • We have nearly 50 skeins dyed up and packaged away for sale exclusively at the Faire.
  • Neon-colored bags complete with the Critical Sheep logo in sticker form.
  • Coupons for future purchases! Oh boy do we have coupons!
  • A big banner has been made to really showcase our stuff!
  • Projects have been knit- samples are ready for display!
  • Lists have been made, people have been recruited and yarn is prepped for sale. In all, we’re well-ahead of schedule and ready for the fun to begin!

Not doing anything the weekend of the 24/25? Come on down! It’s free to enter the faire and there’s so much going on! We’re told there will be upwards of 300 exhibitors and vendors! Think of the fun you and the kids could have!

See you all there!

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