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Milwaukee Maker Faire Afterthoughts!

Milwaukee Maker Faire Afterthoughts!

It’s been a month since Milwaukee Maker Faire! I still remember it like it was yesterday!

1I was mildly terrified day one of Maker Faire, especially since it was the first time anyone had seen our yarns in real life! It was loud and crazy busy and so much fun! We offered 50 skeins of D4 and had the entire color sampling available for pre-orders. We met tons of people and learned that anywhere you go, you can always find knitters!



We were starving at the end of day one, but luckily no one’s feet hurt and no was was ready to quit! We made back the fees to get our booth and we made some amazing connections. Needless to say we slept well that night. We also ordered more yarn!

3Day 2 was comfortable- I realized we could do this thing! We wanted to make back the money spent on yarn last night and, while the day was slower than Saturday, it was still a fun one and we ended the weekend with huge smiles on our faces! I didn’t get much of a chance to wander around the booths, but luckily the husband pushed me away and told me to go check things out. We saw the TESLA Coil in action, we made LED Atoms by soldering and we had tons of fun talking to other makers and nerding out over the Dalek parade.

Lessons learned?

Get a credit card swiper: This we’ve already achieved thanks to Etsy. We have an amazing relationship with them and we are now the proud owners of the Etsy Card Reader. That orange fob is going to be so nice to have at our next event!

Moar Snacks! We had some popcorn, but could have really used some fruit leathers and soda- a classic coke was the best thing in the world by the end of the day when the flourescent lights have been beating on you for 10 hours.

More yarn weights! This is another thing we’ve remedied! After Maker Faire, we decided to bring another yarn to the family! Meet D10


Are you as excited as we are? We thought so! D10 comes in the same amazing color palette of D4 and we’re so stoked over this bouncy and luscious yarn!

What’s next?

WELL! We are still selling on Etsy and have sent out applications for some more local events, such as Sheep in the City! We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more info! Until then, check us out online!

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