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Tag: Blue

Welcome Swappers

Welcome Swappers

Welcome to the Color Coordinated Swap Members for Ocean and Red Swaps! Use your discount codes and save on your yarn purchases!

Looking for Ocean Blue or Red yarns for your Color Coordinated Swap? Look no further than Shinobi or Æther for your Ocean Blue! Warlord and Barbarian offer bold colors of red.

Each skein is hand-dyed using only food-safe dyes that leave you with a soft, sweet-smelling yarn which is both durable and colorfast.

Ocean Blue

SHINOBI – The Japanese word for Ninja, this color is fearless and unapologetic; just as you will be when you wear it.
Aether is the ersonification of the sky or heavens breathed by the Greek gods of Olympus;


WARLORD – Just like a fighter on the field, this vibrant red will make a statement in any garment it’s made into.
Strong and sturdy, Barbarian speaks it’s mind and leaves nothing to the imagination.